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Air Handlers

Many homeowners today want to air-condition their homes, and fresh air ventilation is an important requirement in modern building codes. Air Handling units or “fan coils” are becoming a common way to satisfy these needs using hot water as the heat source.  Rather that have numerous combustion appliances to perform individual tasks (a gas fired furnace, gas fired water heater, gas fired pool heater, for example), many people are choosing to use a hydronic boiler as their heat source, and divert the heat produced by the boiler to different task-specific appliances such as air handlers. There are a number of advantages to this approach, one of the most beneficial being that the heat output of an air handler can be radically adjusted simply by raising or lowering the temperature of the heating fluid supplied by the boiler.

A major advantage to using an IBC boiler with IBC air handlers, is that when the water temperature is lowered far enough, the boiler has the ability to modulate the fan speed in concert, avoiding the sensation of blowing cool air on the occupants. This strategy results in a more comfortable heating system, and saves energy on a number of fronts.

At low fan speeds, the electrical consumption is greatly reduced, and the gently moving warm air doesn’t work the walls and windows so hard, reducing heat losses. As well, the ability of the IBC to modulate its heat output to very low levels, allows us to reduce boiler short-cycling during low load situations, saving even more energy.

IBC boilers and air handlers – a winning combination.