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Specialty Applications

The use of IBC boilers in specialty applications is growing rapidly. From Residential snow-melting and pool or spa heating to large commercial heating and process heating applications, creative designers are finding more and more applications for IBC condensing boilers.

Used in the right applications, our boilers can deliver stunning performance and energy savings. Any time we can operate our boilers in the condensing mode, they will deliver superior energy savings, so look towards those applications that will require warm to cool water temperatures rather than those requiring very hot water. Although our heat exchanger is constructed of highly corrosion resistant 316ti stainless steel, many chemicals and water conditions can cause damage. Using an external heat exchanger to isolate the boiler from aggressive water of chemicals will be required in many specialty applications. Please contact the factory if you have a new application and you are unsure of the suitability of IBC boilers for your project and our engineering and technical team can help with product selection and application.

Some of the specialty applications that best make use of the IBC strengths are:

There are many specialty applications waiting to be discovered.