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Panel Radiators

Panel RadiatorPanel radiators and old style cast-iron radiators are ideal for use with IBC boilers. Both types of radiator operate very comfortably at the lower water temperatures favoured by condensing boilers.

Control devices often used with these radiators operate more efficiently when the water temperature is trimmed down based on information the boiler control receives from an outdoor temperature sensor (standard equipment with IBC). When thermostatic radiator valves are employed, their ability to throttle water flow through the radiators is greatly enhanced, and when on-off zone valves are used, their cycling is reduced dramatically, saving wear and tear.

Many radiator systems are heavily zoned and the amount of heat needed can vary greatly. IBC boilers are the best choice for matching the heat output as the load requirements change.  The high end of the throttle range can also help for a speedy recovery from night setback, as both these types of radiator have high mass and high water volume, and can take longer to heat up than lower mass systems.