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Radiant Floor

Radiant FlooringRadiant FlooringOften referred to as the “perfect heat” radiant floor heating dates back to Roman and Chinese pre-history. The modern renaissance of radiant floor heat was triggered by the development of reliable and inexpensive thermoplastic tubing over the last 50 years and is rapidly becoming the heating system of choice for many architects, engineers and homeowners. Radiant floor heating systems are silent, clean, cozy, healthy — comfortable in every way. For the “perfect heating system” IBC makes the perfect boiler.

Radiant floor heating systems are designed to operate most comfortably, delivering gentle warmth, at fluid delivery temperatures that range between 75°F (24°C) and 120°F (50°C). Boiler selection is critical, and it is important to know that conventional boilers work in a much hotter range, losing efficiency, and requiring protective measures to prevent damage to themselves or the floor. IBC boilers on the other hand, are specifically engineered to operate at these lower water temperatures, increasing your energy savings and comfort.

The heat required by most residential radiant floor heating systems can vary greatly and IBC boilers are the best choice for matching the heat output to the load.

IBC boilers also have built-in logic that will operate your radiant floor on “cruise control”, slowly changing the water temperature based of information it receives from an outdoor temperature sensor (included as standard equipment).

As radiant floor heating systems use low temperature water, they are ideal for the application of geothermal and solar heat sources. The limitations of these heat sources however often require a fuel-burning appliance be included as a “back-up” or supplemental heat source. IBC boilers can easily be integrated into these alternate energy source systems.

Efficient, durable and well behaved, there is no better choice in the market today than an IBC boiler for your radiant floor heating system.