Change to exhaust and intake ducts for some SL G3 models - effective December 2018

Product Change: Change to exhaust and intake ducts for the SL 10-85 G3, SL 14-115 G3, and SL 20-160 G3 models

What are the changes?

  • The intake and exhaust ducts are made of Polypropylene.
  • The exhaust duct has two gaskets, one for 3" PVC/CPVC, and one for 3" Polypropylene pipe without the need for a transition or adapter fitting.
  • The larger flue test port allows for various flue gas analyzer probes.
  • The ducts use a heavy-duty gear clamp to bind 3" Polypropylene or Schedule 40 pipe.
  • Included with the product installation package, the addition of a vent pressure test adapter. air adapter fittingThis adapter enables technicians to measure vent pressure with a manometer from the flue gas test port.


Date of change

IBC began rolling out these new ducts in December 2018, more specifically for the model:

  • SL 20- 160 G3 from December 7, 2018.
  • SL 14-115 G3 from December 10, 2018.
  • SL 10-85 G3 from December 14, 2018.

Serial Numbers

You can identify those models that contain the new ducts by the 5-digit serial numbers displayed on the boxes.

Model Sequential Serial # Starts From How Serial # is Displayed
SL 10-85 G3 00376 SL10-85G3-00376
SL 14-115 G3 11600 SL14-115G3-11600
SL 20-160 G3 05062 SL20-160G3-05062