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Latest software update for touchscreen controllers version 1.10.2

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New: IWT indirect water heaters

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Replacing a heat exchanger gasket in the HC and DC boilers

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May 2020 Updated: P-kit 357 Air filter and enclosure kit instructions
May 2020 Manuel d'installation et d'utilisation de chauffe-eau indirects Série IWT
May 2020 Indirect Water Tank (IWT) series Installation and Operating Instructions manual
May 2020 Video: Software update via a boiler V-10 controller set up with Internet connection
May 2020 Videos: Software update with USB stick or SD card, using on Windows PC
May 2020 Engineering submittal for the DC 95 model
May 2020 Worked examples consisting of sample diagrams and programming instructions for SL and EX installations
April 2020 Concept drawing for SFT Superflow 199
April 2020 Concept drawings for residential applications: Two-load system with DHW and baseboard on a primary loop, Installation with two loads off a low-loss header domestic hot water receives priority operation
April 2020 Concept drawings for commercial applications: Two-boiler network serving two loads including parallel-piped DHW tanks, Two-load system with spa and pool

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