Service Parts


IBC does not sell boilers or parts directly. You need to contact a local wholesaler.

To help you with ordering IBC replacement parts through a wholesaler, select a link below to view available P-kits (parts kits) and associated part numbers. Alternatively, if you know the P-Kit number or part number, you can simply enter it in the "Search" box above; for example, enter p-266.

Air filter kits
Air intake housing swirl plate kits
Boiler Stand Plumbing kit (for SL 26-260 G3/ SL 40-399 G3 boilers)
Burner gaskets
Burner replacement kits
Combustion deflector shield
Condensate trap kits
Control boards
Covers or doors
Fan coupler
Fan gaskets
Fan replacement kits
Fuel conversion kits
Fuse kits
Gas valve cable assemblies
Gas valve replacements
Heat exchanger lid gaskets
Heat exchanger replacement kits
Heat exchanger service kits
Ignition control (SIM, SIM+) kits
Ignitor gaskets
Ignitor kits
LWCO kit
LWCO module
Contractor kits
Sight glass (view port)
Vent kits

Venturi insert

Water pipe gaskets