Service Parts



IBC does not sell boilers or parts directly. You need to contact a local wholesaler.

TIP: IBC sells parts in P-kits (parts kits), which may comprise of one or more parts. To help with ordering IBC replacement parts through a wholesaler, select a link below to view available P-kits (parts kits) and associated part numbers. Alternatively, you can use the "Search" box to search for parts kits. To narrow the search results to service parts, click the filter icon and select "Service Parts Topics". If you know the P-kit number, enter it using the format "P-316" or "316".

AC Freeze Sensor kits
Air filter kits
Air handler kits
Air intake housing swirl plate kits
Backflow inserts
Boiler mounting kit
Boiler stands (SL 85, 115, 160, 199, 260, 399 G3 boilers)
Boiler Stand Plumbing kit (for SL 26-260 G3/ SL 40-399 G3 boilers)
Burner gaskets
Burner replacement kits
Cabinet corner fittings
Clamp kits including DHW supply/return fittings
Combustion deflector shield
Condensate trap kits
Connectors - tube hose
Contractor kits
Control boards and components
Covers, doors, and panels
Ducts - intake and exhaust
Fan coupler
Fan gaskets
Fan replacement kits
Fuel conversion kits
Fuse kits
Gaskets (includes gasket packs)
Gas line
Gas valve cable assemblies
Gas valve replacements
Gauge - tridicator
Heat exchanger front panel
Heat exchanger lid gaskets
Heat exchanger lids
Heat exchanger replacement kits
Heat exchanger service kits
Ignition cables
Ignition control kits
Ignitor gaskets
Ignitor kits
Junction box
LWCO kit
LWCO module
Pressure relief valve
Programming chip
Refractory assembly kit
Sight glass (view port) kit
Vent kits
Stainless steel vent terminations (stainless steel)

Venturi insert

Wiring harness