About Us

Award Winning Condensing Boilers

Celebrating our Silver Jubilee this year IBC was established in Vancouver, BC with the express purpose of improving the world of hydronic heating. We recognized that innovations in combustion control technology, combined with appropriate design-embedded controls, are fundamental foundations for the optimization of our new, reliable heating equipment both for residential and commercial use.

INTERGAS has been at the forefront of boiler manufacturing in Europe for almost 50 years. Since the launch of the ground-breaking, patented two-in-one heat exchanger their revolutionary designs have made them a market leader and product innovator.

Joining forces in 2014 IBC and INTERGAS has a reputation for quality and a passion for success. Together we are dedicated to continually finding new and better ways to utilize the world’s dwindling energy resources while also providing superior service, comfort, reliability and fuel savings to all our North American customers.

In 2019 IBC became part of the RHEEM family. Founded in 1925, Rheem is the Brand leader in water heating and the only manufacturer in North America that produces heating, cooling, water heating, pool/spa heating, commercial boilers and commercial refrigeration products that are sold in more than 50 countries. 

Like IBC, Rheem fosters a culture that emphasizes respect, integrity and inclusion. In addition to the already strong product synergies, our complementary cultures make this collaboration both exciting and exceptional.



From its 439 or 316 Ti, high grade stainless steel heat exchanger/pressure vessel to its FeCrAlloy™ mesh burner, IBC has researched and sourced the best materials available to ensure that each boiler will operate as efficiently as possible while providing durability over the long term.

IBC has searched the world to find the best components made. Gas valves, combustion fans, controls – all of the components necessary to create a chain that will convert a fuel gas into reliable, efficient and comfortable heat for your home. Our philosophy is that there will be “no weak links” in the chain, and we continue to try and improve the quality of everything we use in our products.

The first link in the chain is to convert your fuel into heat in the most efficient way possible. Using precise fuel-air mixing and advanced burners and combustion control, we squeeze every penny out of your energy dollar.

Link two – convert that heat into hot water (and not send it up the chimney as many conventional boilers do) – a key to the success of our boiler. IBC boilers scrub as much heat as possible from the combustion process – we get it all.

Link three – don’t use more fuel than you have to. We can precisely match our burn rate to the heat required by your system – saves fuel, saves wear and tear.
Link four – Our boiler runs cool when it can and only ramps up to higher temperatures when specific loads require it (usually a small percentage of the heating season). Our creative control methods ensure that heat is distributed only to those loads that need it at the time – more energy savings.

But there’s more! Advanced diagnostic features, intuitive and easy control set-up as well as unique system operation logging help you set up the boiler for optimum efficiency, and then maintain it, in whatever system it is connected to. Ease of installation helps ensure that your heating system operates properly from day one.

Our generous venting allowances, compact size and simple piping options make for good-looking, install anywhere options that will add to your pride of ownership in one of the most energy-smart heating systems available today.

Feel good that a percentage of your investment in the IBC ground-breaking boiler today is also going toward the development of further innovative green technology for tomorrow.