AHU 800

AHU - Air Handler

The AHU Air Handler pairs perfectly with any hot water heat source to allow for warm air heating throughout the building. With six position mounting and return air openings on the left, right, and bottom of the unit, the AHU – 800 has the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of application requirements.
· Whisper quiet blower operation
· The AHU is designed to work with any hot water appliance with pressures up to 150 PSI
· Internet capable controller
· High efficiency ECM motor with centrifugal fan
· High efficiency fin tube coils
· Can manage external pump
· Fused high and low voltage circuits
· OpenTherm control compatible
· Easy to access and service

Max. water temperature °F195
Coil performance at 180°F (Btu/hr)66,800
Water pipe connections3/4”
External static pressure (wc)0.7”
Maximum operating water pressure150 Psi
Supply air opening width16”
Supply air opening depth19.5”
Left and right air opening height7”
Left and right air opening depth23”
Bottom return air opening width13”
Bottom return air opening depth23”
Max. internal current power rating 120 Volts2.4 Amp
External pump supply 120V5 Amp
Voltage (maximum fuse 15 Amp)120 V
Max. air flow @ rated static pressure1000 CFM
Filter size (Merv 8)16 x 25 x 1

HEATING CAPACITY – Ent Dry Bulb 70°F @ 800CFM
Entering Water Temp.3GPM4 GPM5 GPM
195°F (90°C)72.9 MBH76.9 MBH79.4 MBH
190°F (88°C)65.7 MBH70.2 MBH73.0 MBH
180°F (82°C)60.0 MBH64.1 MBH66.8 MBH
170°F (77°C)54.4 MBH58.1 MBH60.5 MBH
160°F (71°C)48.7 MBH52.1 MBH54.3 MBH
150°F (66°C)43.1 MBH46.2 MBH48.1 MBH
140°F (60°C)37.6 MBH40.2 MBH41.9 MBH
130°F (54°C)32.0 MBH34.3 MBH35.8 MBH
120°F (49°C)26.5 MBH28.5 MBH29.7 MBH
110°F (43°C)21.1 MBH22.6 MBH23.7 MBH