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Use only Chrome and Safari browsers to access the IBC Portal.

The IBC portal lets registered users access one or more boilers remotely (via desktop, tablet, and smartphone).

See latest release notes for Version 2.06.1.

2/25/2020 Feature 1: User owners can now be assigned to boilers. Each boiler is typically assigned a "user owner" at the time of registration. A "user owner" may be the homeowner or a provider contact (e.g., Provider Installer), or both. User owners are also given a Provider role, which determines the level of access to a boiler/boiler group. Homeowners, who are given a Provider Manager role, have the ability to grant providers (typically Provider Installers) permission to access their boiler(s). For more information, see Assigning user-owned boilers.

Feature 2: Provider Managers (contractor managers) can assign different levels of access, giving one or more Provider roles permission to access a boiler/boiler group. For more information, see Adding, assigning, editing, and deleting boiler groups.