Parts breakdown diagrams EB -series boilers

The diagrams and tables below identify the parts of the boiler, including part numbers that you will need when ordering new parts.


Replacement parts are sold as part of a kit (e.g., P-242). For more information, see Service parts.

Component parts of the EB-series boilers shown in exploded view

Item ID Description P-kit replacement # Quantity
10 Power / Pump Relay Board P-1700 1
20 Digital Controller Screen / Terminal Assembly P-1701 1
30 Inlet Water Pipe with Flow Sensor Assembly P-1702 1
40 Water Temperature Sensor P-1703 2
50 Inlet Pipe / plate assembly P-1704 1
60 Modulation control block (Solid State Relay version) or P-1705 1
Modulation control block (Triac version) P-1706
70 3-Speed 120V Pump (not including bracket) P-1707


80 Pump bracket P-1708 1
90 Drain Pipe Assembly P-1709 1
(on 90) Drain Plug Only P-1724 1
100 Outlet Pipe Assembly P-1710 1
110 Manual Reset High Limit Switch P-1711 2
120 Heat Exchanger P-1712 1
130 Heat Exchanger Bracket P-1713 1
140 EBX 240V Transformer P-1714 1
150 Input Power Terminal Strip P-1715 1
160 Heating Elements    
2kW (EBX4K-240) P-1716 2

4kW (EBX8K-240)

P-1717 2
5kW (EBX10K-240) P-1718 2
6kW (EBX12K-240) P-1719 2
170 Cabinet lid P-1720 1
  Hardware package (o-rings, screws etc.) P-1721  
  Wiring harnesses (sold as set; not shown) P-1722  
  Gasket pack (including inlet filter: sold as set, not shown) P-1723  
  Drain plug (not shown) P-1724 1