Downloading the latest software update to a USB via a Windows PC

  Note - Important

Read all the instructions on the complete software update process, then navigate to the bottom of the page, and then click the appropriate Download software ... button.

The software (.exe file) is Windows compatible, which is why you can only download this software from a desktop computer running a Windows operating system.

If you cannot see the "Download software ..." buttons on this page, check that your window is maximized.

The complete software update process is as follows:

  1. (Read instructions below "Downloading the software program to a device (USB stick or SD card)". You will download the software to a USB in two stages:
  2. Stage 1: Download (by clicking the appropriate Download software ... button below) a generator file to your desktop (for example, IBCv10_1_10_3_1.exe), which is a software program that creates the software update files.

    Stage 2: Extract the software update files to a USB stick or SD card.

  1. (Read instructions below "Downloading software from the USB or SD card to a touchscreen controller") Take the USB or SD card to a boiler site, insert it into the side of a touchscreen controller, and download the software. Note that when a software update is performed, the touchscreen controller is put into "service" mode. This prevents the system from servicing loads.

Click the appropriate Download software ... button below to download the software files to your desktop.

Original touchscreen

Enhanced touchscreen


If clicking the Download software ... button does not download a .exe file, right-click on the image, and select Save link as... > Save. You should then find the .exe file in your Downloads folder.