Downloading the latest software update to a USB via a Windows PC

For Mac or Linux users, see Downloading the latest software update to a USB via a Mac. For more information on this update, see software release notes Version Watch videos to learn about downloading software to a USB and updating software in a boiler with a touchscreen controller.

The instructions below cover steps on how to download software for a software update in a V10 touchscreen controller using a USB stick or SD card from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and MS Edge.

Important: Read all the instructions on the complete software update process for software release IBCv10_1_10_2_1.exe, then navigate to the bottom of the page, and then click the "Get The Update" button.

This software has been created to work with all current "G3" products, and is backward compatible with any IBC boiler using a V-10 touchscreen controller.

When installing this software IBC recommends you disable the load demands at the boiler.

Please keep reading the information below.


The software (.exe file) is Windows compatible, which is why you can only download this software from a desktop computer running a Windows operating system. Note that the "Get the Update" icon is designed not to show on tablet and smartphone devices.

If you cannot see the "Get The Update" icon on this page, check that your window is maximized.

If the "Get The Update" icon is still not visible, it is likely you are running an outdated and unsupported browser version. Ensure that you are running the latest web browser version: Internet Explorer 11, Chrome on Windows 65.0.3325.181, and Mozilla Firefox 59.0.2.

The complete software update process is as follows:

  1. Download to your desktop a generator file (IBCv10_1_10_2_1.exe), which is a software program that creates the software update files. In the graphical examples shown below, assume the images are showing the latest version IBCv10_1_10_2_1.exe.
  2. Extract the software update files to a USB stick or SD card.
  3. Take the USB or SD card to a boiler site, insert it into the side of a touchscreen controller, and download the software.

Click to download the software files

Click the Download software update button above to download the software files to your desktop.