Making a Difference By Design

Sustainability Standout Seal

While many IBC products have sustainable features, certain products stand out as a cut above—and those products earn the Sustainability Standout™ seal. It’s given based on a number of internally designated factors relating to product attributes like energy efficiency, longevity, CO2 reduction and more. We’re in the process of adding the seal in places including the product information pages, marketing and training materials—all to help professionals recommend responsible products and consumers make smart purchasing decisions.

How The Seal is Earned

To determine which products stand out among our sustainable offerings and have earned the right to bear the Sustainability Standout seal, we created a proprietary point system. In our Sustainability Strategy Sessions during our Product Development Process, we look at the Earth-friendly and user-friendly attributes of the product—such as efficiency, packaging, performance, features and recyclability. We assign each sustainability attribute a point value, and products that earn enough points bear the seal. Those that haven’t earned enough points may still be very environmentally friendly. However, this seal is simply a way to make finding the best of the best easier.

Sustainability Standouts

We’re working to bring the Sustainability Standout seal to all the products that qualify. Look for it on upcoming product pages, videos and other marketing materials to help you identify the product solutions that have earned a closer look.

Innovating—One Sustainable Product at a Time

To create sustainable products, it takes dedication, rigid adherence to best practices and a relentless passion for making the world a better place. So we’ve incorporated sustainable thinking into our Product Development Process (PDP). Along the way, we’ve developed some visual methods for helping homeowners and business owners find the products that will reduce their environmental impact and support their own sustainability goals.

Our Sustainability Strategy, Visualized

Every new product we design will go through our Product Development Process based on industry best practices. Early in the PDP, we gather key representatives from our R&D, Sourcing, Manufacturing and other teams for Sustainability Strategy Sessions. In these sessions, our teams consider eight factors focusing on the product’s impact on the environment, and four on its social impact.

Before any new idea makes it through the PDP, we consider its production, its use and its end of life—and our sustainability strategy wheel helps us explore ways to integrate sustainability into the final product.

"It’s important for us to be a sustainable company because we are at the intersection and the impact zone of water and energy reduction for customers’ hot water needs."

-Rich Bendure, President, Rheem Global Water