Coronavirus Action Plan

As a further update on the Coronavirus, we are pleased to confirm that IBC INTERGAS has completed another successful week and remains open.

Just like many other companies, IBC INTERGAS has naturally taken many measures to protect the health of our employees and customers while at the same time doing our best to continue providing services in these uncertain times.

What does this mean for our distributors?

Availability of office staff

At this time, all our office departments are available and can be reached as usual. These include the sales department, the technical help desk, the service departments and the parts (distribution and sales) department.

Order intake and deliveries

At this time, we are not experiencing any delivery or product availability problems. Our deliveries at this time have therefore not been disrupted. Orders can be placed as usual and will be handled as usual. However, due to additional health-protection measures that may need to be taken or because of potential problems in the delivery chain, delivery problems in the future cannot be ruled out. In that case, we will inform customers as soon as possible and work with them to find a suitable solution.

Meetings, trips and visits

All non-critical internal meetings have been cancelled or will be held by video- or teleconferencing. In addition, it has also been decided to cancel all visits to our company by customers and suppliers. This includes head office trips until further notice.

Training sessions

On the basis of the guidelines given by the Government we have decided not to hold any more training sessions at our locations or in the field until further notice. We will keep you up to date on developments. 

Service calls

At this time, our field staff will make service calls to customers in urgent cases only (in consultation). During the service call, our employees will work strictly to the advised hygiene measures, such as no handshaking and always maintaining the recommended distance. This is to protect the health of our customers and our field staff.

We are always happy to offer further clarification. If you have any questions or comments please contact your local IBC INTERGAS representative or email             1-844-HEAT-IBC.